Brief Studies In Christian Doctrines by Dr. J. E. Cobb
This book was recommended and given to me by a close friend. Written from a baptist perspective the work provides an enlightening foundation on Christian theology. All concepts from Bible interpretation to systematic theology are explained in clear concise terms that a layman will understand. I would consider this a beneficial gateway book, bridging the gap between a deeper Systematic Theology or even Sproul’s ”Everyone’s a Theologian” as it improved my understanding of concepts addressed in such. The book covers all of the ”ologies” so to speak giving a vital explanation to the common doctrines of Theology, Bibliology, Christology, Ecclesiology, and Pneumatology. It also designates entire chapters to lesser-known studies such as Angelology and Hamartiology. Each chapter is designated to one topic and follows a set pattern of: defining terms > background > analysis of each aspect of the topic. This formula immerses you in the concepts at just the right pace leaving you feeling continuously equipped the farther you read. Cobb fills each chapter with scriptural proofs to reference in support of the topics covered, which leads to a beneficial but longer read time. My favorite aspect of this read was the preliminary outline of each chapter which allowed quick reference back and forth across the topics. Overall this book is my go to for a foundation of baptist and even Christian doctrine. I definitely recommend reading this book prior to diving into a systematic theology as it will equip you to handle the depth of such a venture. Overall, you will not go wrong reading this book no matter where you are at spiritually and I encourage you to grab a copy.